Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Humor Chic News - IBTIMES Internantional Business Times "Artist Uses Disney Princesses to Appeal for #FreeGaza and Stop the Massacre"

The ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict has left hundreds of innocent children dead triggering a massive outcry from nations to stop the Gaza assault by Israel.

Artist Alexsandro Palombo used Disney characters, popular among children,  to send a peace message to both the conflict-ridden territories.

Palombo has used the Disney princesses, who are better known as an ideal lover marrying her prince charming and fighting the wicked witches, as the peace messengers in his latest artworks.
In his latest cartoon picture series, the artist has shown popular Disney characters like Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Jasmine wearing a 'Keffiyeh' to cover their shoulders and appealing to #FreeGaza with fingers posed for the peace sign.
Earlier in a pro-Israel campaign, the artist had transformed princess Jasmine and Aladdin's characters as Hamas terrorist pointing gun towards the hostages Snow White and Cinderella.
Palombo is famous for using popular cartoon characters as the medium to discuss serious issues, including domestic violence and sexual assault.
The Gaza Strip assault has become the focus of international debates and Palombo is using the fictional characters to express his opinion on the humanitarian crisis.

However, his pro-Israel creations have drawn major criticisms as Gaza bombing has left hundreds of children dead and orphaned.

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