Friday, June 27, 2014

Humor Chic News - E! ONLINE Entertainment Television "Kim Kardashian's Booty Selfie, Vogue Cover and More Famous Photos Get The Simpsons Treatment"

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been Simpsonized by artist aleXsandro Palombo for what's titled "Best Shots Ever." Before you get excited, you should know that these animations aren't hinting at a Simpsons appearance by Kimye. These aren't for the show and aleXsandro doesn't even have any connection to the popular Fox series, but you wouldn't know that by just looking at the photos.

Palombo, a contemporary artist, activist, illustrator and painter, has drawn inspiration from some of Kim and Kanye's most talked-about photos and in turn given them the cartoon touch.
Like the famous booty selfie, for example.

Remember when Kim put on that stringy, white one-piece bathing suit that really accentuated her greatest asset? Well, Palombo recreated the bootylicious selfie and added Kanye into the mix, because, well, why not? So next to cartoon Kim is cartoon Kanye butt-naked.

He even made it into a billboard with the appropriate hashtage. So social media friendly, he is!
Another animation was taken from their buzzed about Vogue cover, featuring the now-newlyweds in wedding gear prior to their highly-talked about nuptials. But that's not all!

Palombo also transformed some of Kim's racy photo shoot pictures and even included North West for a funny drawing of the trio mooning the paparazzi on the red carpet!

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