Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Humor Chic News - WOMEN YOU SHOULD KNOW "Artist Shows Iconic Cartoon Couples In Graphic Domestic Violence Scenes"

“Even if a woman is treated ‘like a princess’ publicly, doesn’t mean she’s treated the same in private.”

Earlier this month, aleXsandro Palombo, an Italian artist, activist, and illustrator, unveiled “What Kind Of Man Are You? – NO Violence Against Women”, a jarring series of illustrations featuring seven of THE MOST iconic cartoon couples in graphic domestic violence scenes.
The nothing-is-as-it-seems series is his visual attempt to raise awareness of the physical abuse that is perpetrated against women, behind closed doors, when no one else is watching.
Through disturbing illustrations like Homer Simpson choking and pummeling Marge, Prince Florian bashing Snow White with a rock, or Superman silencing a badly beaten Wonder Woman, Palombo’s goal is to urge people to look for telling signs that a woman is being battered or abused. His point… even if a woman is treated “like a princess” publicly, doesn’t mean she’s treated the same in private.
It’s a poignant campaign that speaks to the mission of #NOMOREweek, which is why we are sharing it today.

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