Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Humor Chic News - HUFFINGTON POST US "Disney Princesses With Disabilities Redefine 'Standards Of Beauty'"

"There is a very sad laugh hiding in those artworks," says artist aleXsandro Palombo, who has created a powerful series imagining Disney princesses with disabilities.
In a few attention-grabbing works shown here, two of Disney's most prominent characters, Cinderella and Snow White, use a wheelchair, while Pocahontas and Jasmine deal with their own circumstance.
"I have decided to portray disabled Disney's characters because they never create a disabled character and I think that they should consider that there are so many disabled people in the planet, it's a fact," he wrote to The Huffington Post.
"Two years ago I had a rare form of cancer and some parts of my body are now paralyzed after surgery to remove it," the Italy-based Palombo continued. "I am now a disabled person, and every day I have to deal with all forms of discrimination and humiliation. Through this series I wanted to give visibility to this problem."
"I think that disabled people doesn't [sic] match Disney's standards of beauty so my message is very simple: Disabled people have rights and are part of the world."

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Ligue 1 Live said...

Obviously your drawings of disabled Disney's characters which is representing all the disable people of the world. And certainly they are the part of the entire world, have similar right.

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