Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Humor Chic - Don't Miss!! Marge and Homer Simpson Calendar 2014 by aleXsandro Palombo

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by aleXsandro Palombo


Juliano Silveira said...


Sascha Alexander Pedersbeck Franco said...

What the hell?
The drawings are deformed (more than 80's simpson) ... To be honest, this style is unpleasant and uncomfortable to view and my opinion: this is not art and has no value

Bob said...

What people don't get about the Simpsons, is it is The Greatest Love Story Ever Told. No matter what Homer does, and no matter what Marge may get herself into, they always end up forgiving. They are totally, completely, in love with each other! Granted, it gets tested from time to time, but they always end up home, in each others arms. I think these drawings show the side we can't see on TV that as couples, we do for each other to keep our love alive. If one doesn't see matter, just my opinion and thanks, I love these!!

Anonymous said...

I want to fuck Marge !

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