Thursday, October 31, 2013

Humor Chic News - STYLEBLAZER Artist Tackles Weight Issues In Fashion With ‘Fashion Icon Oversize’

Burgers and fries and Coke. Which one of those sounds most relevant to the fashion world? (Actually, don’t answer that.) If you’re artist aleXsandro Palombo and you’re looking for a way to bring some more notoriety to the fashion industry’s aversion to being overweight, all three are used as accessories in a comic art project showing super-sized versions of famed fashion icons called “Fashion Icon Oversize.”

Though he’s known for his controversial work –he previously drew Anna Wintour and Homer Simspon in various Kama Sutra positions–Palombo’s intention here is both noble and timely. He told The Daily Mail, “The topic of [being] oversize is still a taboo in the fashion business. ‘With this series, I wanted to do a true tribute to the concept.”

He also spoke to StyleCaster about his direct inspiration for this series, saying “Some time ago, two famous fashion magazines asked me to [create] some artwork to publish. Once delivered, they asked me to redo them because I had drawn normal silhouettes instead of skinny people and that they wanted them more skinny  for their readers. That was the first reason why I’ve decided to make this series.” And what a series it is. Icons such as Anna Wintour, Tom Ford (looking way off his personal grooming routine), Kate Moss, and Donatella Versace are just a few of the barely recognizable blown up faces Palombo chose to depict.

He also suggests that the fashion world is chasing obsolete ideals more than suggestion impossible ones–but what if they’re one in the same? After all, with all the backlash on impossible skinniness–remember the awful thigh gap?– it looks like, hopefully, the trend could be on the way out. We can only hope to see more models with appropriately enviable body types on the runways and in magazines soon–without any ridiculous Photoshopping.
For now, what we can see are Palombo’s illustrations. Click through for some of our favorite portraits from his set, and head over to Palombo’s website, Humor Chic, for the whole shebang.

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