Sunday, October 06, 2013

Humor Chic Human Rights - The great Daily Mail Fashion editor and Mail on Sunday diarist Liz Jones against slave labor of fashion industry "MURDERS" by aleXsandro Palombo

Support for RANA PLAZA Tragedy Victims
Dhaka, Bangladesh

- My job is to write about shoes, and as I leave, I see the girls who don’t go to school, who are topless (how ‘now’, given that sheer was so big at the latest fashion shows), who don’t even own a pair of mismatched flip-flops. 

'Never mind the supermodels, the glossy magazines, the discount cards and the Victoria Beckham body-con dresses – it turns out Dolly is the love of my life. And that’s the biggest surprise of all.'

And I wonder about an industry that was happy for Dolly to work harder than I ever have; an industry that gives a father who has lost the mother of his children £125 in recompense. I’m ashamed, to be honest, to have had any part in it.
This experience has taught me we can all do something. You might not be able to adopt a family, but you can boycott Mango, Matalan and Benetton, and write to Primark, telling them that even if no other firms sign up to an agreement, it must pay relatives of every victim at Rana Plaza the proposed sum of £21,800. Not next year but now. - Liz Jones

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