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Humor Chic News - STYLEBLAZER Artist Tackles Weight Issues In Fashion With ‘Fashion Icon Oversize’

Burgers and fries and Coke. Which one of those sounds most relevant to the fashion world? (Actually, don’t answer that.) If you’re artist aleXsandro Palombo and you’re looking for a way to bring some more notoriety to the fashion industry’s aversion to being overweight, all three are used as accessories in a comic art project showing super-sized versions of famed fashion icons called “Fashion Icon Oversize.”

Though he’s known for his controversial work –he previously drew Anna Wintour and Homer Simspon in various Kama Sutra positions–Palombo’s intention here is both noble and timely. He told The Daily Mail, “The topic of [being] oversize is still a taboo in the fashion business. ‘With this series, I wanted to do a true tribute to the concept.”

He also spoke to StyleCaster about his direct inspiration for this series, saying “Some time ago, two famous fashion magazines asked me to [create] some artwork to publish. Once delivered, they asked me to redo them because I had drawn normal silhouettes instead of skinny people and that they wanted them more skinny  for their readers. That was the first reason why I’ve decided to make this series.” And what a series it is. Icons such as Anna Wintour, Tom Ford (looking way off his personal grooming routine), Kate Moss, and Donatella Versace are just a few of the barely recognizable blown up faces Palombo chose to depict.

He also suggests that the fashion world is chasing obsolete ideals more than suggestion impossible ones–but what if they’re one in the same? After all, with all the backlash on impossible skinniness–remember the awful thigh gap?– it looks like, hopefully, the trend could be on the way out. We can only hope to see more models with appropriately enviable body types on the runways and in magazines soon–without any ridiculous Photoshopping.
For now, what we can see are Palombo’s illustrations. Click through for some of our favorite portraits from his set, and head over to Palombo’s website, Humor Chic, for the whole shebang.

Humor Chic News - JOY Greece "Δες την Kate Moss παχουλή, την Anna Wintour να τρώει και άλλα μεγάλα ονόματα της μόδας όπως τα βλέπει ο φίλος τους Alexsandro Palombo!"

Ο καλλιτεχνικός διευθυντής της Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld, προκάλεσε αυτή την εβδομάδα με την δήλωσή του ότι ‘κανείς δεν θέλει να βλέπει παχουλές γυναίκες στην πασαρέλα’ και τώρα ο καλλιτέχνης aleXsandro Palombo του έδειξε τι χάνει: ο καλλιτέχνης και πρώην σχεδιαστής σχεδίασε καρτούν με όλα τα μεγάλα ονόματα της μόδας σε καθόλου κολακευτικές πόζες.

Ο Lagerfeld εμφανίζεται χοντρός να τρώει και να πασαλείβεται με σάλτσα, η Anna Wintour τρώει χάμπουργκερ φορώντας ένα κόκκινο εσώρουχο ενώ η Kate Moss είναι παχουλή! Ο Palombo σχεδίασε τους διάσημους φίλους του όπως δεν τους έχουμε ξαναδεί, όπως τον Tom Ford, τον Marc Jacobs, τον John Galliano και την Donatella Versace με πολλά περιττά κιλά.

Ο Palombo είναι γνωστός για τα προκλητικά καρτούν που σχεδιάζει αλλά αυτή τη φορά αποφάσισε να ασχοληθεί με το καυτό ζήτημα του πάχους στον χώρο της μόδας που ακόμα θεωρείται ταμπού.



Geïnspireerd op de aanklacht die tegen Karl Lagerfeld loopt vanwege zijn uitspraak dat 'no one wants to see curvy girls on the catwalk,' wilde designer-turned-kunstenaar Alexsandro Palombo een statement maken. Het resultaat: viral gaande cartoons van mode-iconen die voor de gelegenheid een ‘maatje meer’ kregen. Gegniffel gegarandeerd.



Here’s something to make your Thursday morning a little more interesting: Italian artist AleXsandro Palombo decided to address the issue of weight in fashion by drawing style icons as extremely overweight.

Titled “Fashion Icons Oversize” the cheeky, if jarring, grid—featured on the artist’s blog Humor Chic—is complete with sketches of luminaries such as Anna Wintour, Ralph Lauren, Grace Coddington, Carine Roitfeld, Donatella Versace, John Galliano, and others with their clothes literally popping open, gorging on fast food.

Palombo’s aim here is to shine a spotlight on the issue of fat in fashion, something that’s extremely—and unnecessarily—taboo.

“Some time ago, two famous fashion magazines asked me to [create] some artwork to publish. Once delivered, they asked me to redo them because I had drawn normal silouhettes instead of skinny people and that they wanted them more skinny  for their readers. That was the first reason why I’ve decided to make this series,” the artist told us.
Palombo—previously a knitwear designer who showed at Milan Fashion Week—is known for his satirical, subversive cartoons, most recently creating a strange, can’t-look-away version of the Kama Sutra starring Wintour and Homer Simpson engaged in various kinky sex positions.
It’s fairly ironic that Lagerfeld is included, considering the Chanel honcho has recently come under fire for his comments about “fat” people, despite the fact he he used to be quite overweight himself.

“I’ve loved bringing back Karl Lagerfeld in his original silhouette,” Palombo told us.

There’s definitely a jolting quality to Palombo’s humorous works, and we’re looking forward to seeing his next installment!

What do you think of Palombo’s latest work? Let us know below! 

Humor Chic News - BUZZFEED "Fashion Icons Re-Imagined Fat And Eating Burgers"


Humor Chic News - Dailymail "Fashion icons given a heavyweight makeover by italian artist aleXsandro Palombo"

Ruth Styles

The picture you never thought you'd see... Anna Wintour eating a burger and fries! Artist gives Vogue editor and her fashion friends a calorie-laden makeover

Cartoons are the work of fashion designer turned artist aleXsandro Palombo

Palombo says the work is a tribute to an issue no one wants to raise
Also featured in the images are John Galliano, Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs

Earlier this week, controversial Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld caused outrage after telling an interviewer that 'no one wants to see curvy women on the catwalk'.

Now artist aleXsandro Palombo has given the German designer a taste of his own medicine by creating a series of cartoons that portray him as grossly overweight.
And Lagerfeld isn't alone. Also in line for the Palombo treatment were Anna Wintour, Kate Moss and Tom Ford among others.

The Lagerfeld images show the designer bulging out of his trademark monochrome suit and ensconced in an armchair guzzling fast food.

Donatella Versace is pictured spilling out of a tight red dress while an unusually dishevelled Tom Ford sits eating burgers in a crumpled suit.

Palombo is famous for his controversial cartoons and is no stranger to portraying the likes of Wintour and Lagerfeld in unusual situations, having previously authored a series that showed Wintour performing scenes from the Kama Sutra with Homer Simpson.

This time, says Palombo, the aim is to highlight the issue of fat in fashion - a subject that he believes is ignored.
'The topic of [being] oversize is still a taboo in the fashion business,' explained Palombo. 'With this series, I wanted to do a true tribute to the concept.'
Palombo, who also revealed that his favourite fashion icon is Anna Wintour, added: 'I think that fashion is chasing obsolete ideals more than suggesting impossible ones.

'We are living [through] big changes but I feel that fashion is living in the past - the 80s are long gone. 
'Fashion magazines are becoming less interesting but they continue to offer sad and boring women as an ideal - they are obviously  the mirror of the editors more than their readers.'

Despite his love of lampooning fashion's great and good, Palombo boasts a very stylish CV of his own.
Previously a knitwear designer, he showed his collections at Milan Fashion Week, before turning his attention to satire via his blog Humor Chic.

He describes the blog as a daily society portrait: 'The best illustrated fashion chronicle, a point of view about costume, politics, culture, society and celebrity,' and describes himself as 'the father of Fashion Satire, visionary artist, author and critic.'

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"FASHION ICON OVERSIZE" by aleXsandro Palombo

Large is Cool!
Artist aleXsandro Palombo enlarges fashion icons

Fashion Icon Oversize by aleXsandro Palombo
Vogue Editrix Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld

Vogue Editrix Anna Wintour

Karl Lagerfeld

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Humor Chic Exclusive - EL MUNDO / YO DONA "Marc Jacobs se toma la moda con humor"

Al contrario que Hedi Slimane, quien hace unos días declaraba la guerra al último grito en 'streetstyle': las camisetas parodia, dejando claro que la moda con humor no es lo suyo, Marc Jacobs ha decidido que reírse de uno mismo es lo mas sano, aunque sea en la intimidad de su dormitorio.
El diseñador y su ahora ex novio Harry Louis -el empresario hizo pública su ruptura con Jacobs hace tres días vía Instagram y Twitter con una foto de ambos rota en pedazos- han sido los últimos en demostrar su gusto por las ilustraciones del italiano aleXsandro Palombo, el hombre que desde su blog Humor Chic convirtió a Karl Lagerfeld en el 'Papa de la moda', a Anna Wintour en una monja y trasladó a las altas esferas del universo 'fashion' al mundo de los pitufos.
Precisamente ha sido la versión azul de Marc Jacobs 'made in aleXsandro Palombo' la que ha pasado a formar del armario del ex director creativo de Louis Vuitton, en forma de un pijama decorado con el dibujo del ilustrador italiano, tal y como muestra una foto que circula por Internet y que ha sido recogida por Palombo.
Pero Marc Jacobs no ha sido el único en lucir una prenda ilustrada con una de las creaciones de aleXsandro Palombo, su ex compañero sentimental eligió una camiseta con una de las muchas versiones de Anna Wintour creadas por Palombo para asistir al que fue el último desfile de Marc Jacobs para Louis Vuitton. Un hecho que no habría tenido mayor repercusión, de no ser porque Harry Louis ha revelado la existencia de unos diseños creados sin el permiso del Palombo, según aseguran desde su blog.
El ilustrador, que ha comenzado a investigar la procedencia de los 'falsos' diseños, ha confesado estar seguro de que Marc Jacobs desconocía que las prendas habían sido comercializadas sin su permiso, e incluso ha señalado que, si a Jacobs le gusta su trabajo, estaría encantado de realizar una colaboración con él.