Monday, July 29, 2013

Humor Chic Fashion Religion - ELLE UK "Karl Lagerfeld: Fashion Pope" by aleXsandro Palombo

Ever since we learned that Karl Lagerfeld had declared himself ‘Pope of Fashion’ in an upcoming German documentary, we’ve been finding it difficult to shake the mental image of the tireless designer in full religious habit.
So bravo to fashion doodler aleXsandro Palombo, who seems to have read our minds in producing these frankly brilliant depictions of Lagerfeld in full papal dress.
In forthcoming four-hour programme Mode Als Religion, which will debut in September, Martina Neuen interviews Lagerfeld alongside various other fashion-world insiders – among them Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista and Sarah Jessica Parker – to draw a line between the kind of fervor inspired by followers of both fashion and religion.
And Pope Benedict XVI can keep his Prada loafers because, as Lagerfeld declares to camera, there’s only one papal style icon worth bothering with.
‘The only pope I thought was chic was Pius XII,’WWD reports the designer as saying. ‘Even though he may not be remembered for his popularity, I thought he was elegant. And Pope John XXIII was the most charismatic; you can keep all the others.’


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