Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Humor Chic Hot News - "Raf Simons, Miuccia Prada Called Out for Copying Historic Designs"

Humor Chic, a satirical blog about the fashion industry, has been making fun of designers, editors and labels for years with its envelope-pushing (to put it mildly) illustrations–and most recently the blog’s illustrator aleXsandro Palombo has made it his mission to expose what he considers to be blatant designer rip-offs. Unlike some of Palombo’s more unnecessarily lewd illustrations, it actually looks like he might have a point.
Palombo’s latest “campaign” titled “No Fakes,” features images of recent Dior, Prada and Celine runway looks juxtaposed with historic designers he feels they copied: a Phoebe Philo design for Céline that looks a lot like a Geoffrey Beene coat, plus a Raf Simons design for Dior that closely resembles an Edith Head garment, and several designs by Miuccia Prada that are similar to some by André Courrèges. According to Palombo’s site, his intent is to “protect fashion designers from copycats.”
So are these designs derivative–or are they merely homages to the originals? Or is all just a joke, as Palombo would suggest?

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