Thursday, March 15, 2012

Humor Chic Special Communication - aleXsandro Palombo launches the first “Secret Book”

Dear Friends,
In recent years a lot of you have been clamoring for the limited edition of the First Book of Humor Chic: “Karl Lagerfeld, Vision of a Funeral" ... Thank you for the many emails of esteem and appreciation, and we would like to apologize to fans of the genre who have been unable to get a copy because it sold out quickly.
Despite numerous requests, we have never reissued it (hey! the dead don’t return so easily!)
So it is with great pleasure that we announce the forthcoming publication of the first “Secret Book” in a limited edition. Just a few precious copies hand-bound, autographed and numbered. Provocative as always, it will be a unique cocktail of humor, surprises, vision, genius and madness.
And the Title? What will the new irreverent story be? As always the fashion world, but we advise you to use your most brilliant, inspiring and unconventional imagination ... because only those who manage to get hold of one of the copies will discover the secret contents.
To all those who are interested, the fans, the true lovers, cuckolds and simple voyeurs, creatives, fashion designers and flabby-assed fashionistas, gardeners and collectors, transvestites, and pseudo stars, publishers and journalists, super crap fashion editors, bloggers, PRs, communicators, advertisers, dealers, impotents, hypocrites, hairdressers and shampooers, saints, priests, prophets and ayatollahs, and the desperate alcoholics, druggies, thieves, murderers, terrorists, dictators, idiots and bores, the morons, plagiarizers and all the ball-busters like us ... we strongly advise you to reserve a copy by dropping a line to
Good luck to you all!

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