Friday, July 29, 2011

Humor Chic - Giorgio Armani, Karl Lagerfeld and Valentino Garavani, differently heterosexual

Humor Chic - Karl Lagerfeld and Giorgio Armani, differently heterosexual

Over the last few years the internet in Italy has seen an overwhelming amount of conversations with surfers expressing their curiosity towards the sexual preferences of Mr Giorgio Armani.  Humor Chic has selected a couple of simple but exhilarating ones to share with you:

Katia P – Can anyone tell me if Giorgio Armani is married? Or is he gay as well? I have wagered a bet with  my mother ..... please answer!!!!
Max2000 – He’s not married. Gay?
Source: Yahoo answer Italia

Host – Otherwise, we can even name the illustrious Giorgio Armani, who’s coming out goes back a good 20 years ago.
Boy83milano - Armani is an idiot, he’s come out at least 20 times over the last 20 years and every time he denies it a few months later.
Source: Forum

So is Giorgio Armani gay or not? This remains one of those questions without an answer which for years has tormented the Milanese fashion quadrilateral. There has never been a true coming out on the part of  the famous designer, however this has not stopped housewives, shop attendants and store window decorators of the Milanese fashion houses from talking. Over the years, the sea of gossip which has swept over Via Montenapoleone beats any amount of chiffon it might have seen, and one of the many legends goes so far as to tell of a love story  between the designer and the well-known Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti (a lot about this on the web) while others go even further, adding to Giorgio’s portfolio Ricky Martin, the king of Latin whose coming out is recent!
The Milanese world of fashion is a real bitch! What the fuck, will you find peace now that the great Giorgio has  revealed to the world the direction of his affections?
Or will you start losing sleep over who the lovely hunk cradling him in the water with oh so much love was?
Ah, before I forget, an important message for Katia P: tell your dear and loving mother … she loses the bet! 
Au revoir chicest!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Humor Chic Summer Time - Karl Lagerfeld, a super paparazzo. Giorgio Armani on vacation with his boyfriend...

Here’s Giorgio Armani on vacation with his boyfriend in Formentera, Spain. Bravo Giorgio, this is a fabulous sexy... toy! Aww!

Humor Chic Exclusive – When Karl Lagerfeld loses it! New Dior Ad Campaign by CHANEL.. Plagery?

Dior in the post Galliano era? An endless bad spell.
The Dior maison is finding no peace since its former creative director John Galliano left the scene. The latest disaster in chronological order appears to be Dior’s new advertising campaign for Fall-Winter 2011/12, the face of which is Marion Cotillard. No criticism so far considering the allure of the star. However, once you start looking at the campaign shots, that’s when trouble starts, and particularly when you come across an image in which Marion Cotillard is wearing a woollen jacket frayed at the edges and has a bag made of topstitched leather with a chain strap … a look which is clearly very far from Dior’s DNA and which conveys the feeling that they have been having fun fishing generously from dear colleague, Chanel. An advertisement which had the super cool trendsetters and enthusiasts of the style turn up their noses, horrified at the vision of this latest crime. What need does a maison such as Dior have to lose itself in plagery and to deconstruct its stylistic image? In only a few months the prestigious maison has undertaken a dangerous path which might well lead to its decline. Many of you have written to us asking “Why?”… What the fuck guys, we love you, but Humor Chic is not the office of Moses!
However, here is a piece of advice in order to quench your summer thirst: you can start writing directly to Grandpa Karl’s Complaints Office, a new bureau which our lovely friends at Chanel have set up. We can assure you that Lagerfeld, just like Father Christmas, is always in and replies personally to everyone… Make sure you are polite towards him and you will see that he will answer all your adorable “whys?”
Au revoir chicest.       

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Humor Chic - Giancarlo Giammetti VS Christian Louboutin, So Chic!

Giancarlo Giammetti of Valentino, criticizes Christian Louboutin for claiming he invented red soled shoes

"Giancarlo Giammetti points out that the now-retired Roman couturier, famous for his red gowns, also designed shoes with red soles way back in 1969 and 1983. In the latter year, Valentino Garavani also made soles in rhinestones and in fabrics to match the clothes. Christian Louboutin started using red soles in 1992."

Christian, you understand that?
We Love Giancarlo... so chic!

Humor Chic - Amy...

Amy Jade Winehouse (14 September 1983 – 23 July 2011)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Humor Chic - Christian Louboutin, High Heel-18. What's a good lubricant?‎

High Heels: How High Can You Go?

Christian Louboutin says he needs a court order to keep competitors from walking all over his red-soled shoes business.
The famed French footwear fashionista -- already suing Yves Saint Laurent for trademark infringement -- claims a private eye working for him recently learned that rival Christian Dior will soon start selling shoes with his signature scarlet sole.
Court papers filed yesterday say Roman Khaykin, of InfoTactic Group, spoke with a sales clerk at the Dior store on East 57th Street who revealed that the fashion house "is planning to make red-soled shoes with matching uppers for the next season."
Louboutin says red soles are his thing, and he needs a court order to stop the copycats.
"A flood of red soles in high-fashion women's footwear creates the danger that Louboutin's good will, market prominence and fame will be destroyed," the court filing says. Read here
OMG this is terrible!!! Well my dear Louboutin, it's time to lubricate your ...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Humor Chic - Rupert Murdoch and Rebecca Brooks, Telephone

Humor Chic New York social scene alert - Peter Davis, a fabulous blackout of style

New York - Humor Chicest ones, open your ears. No more old-fashioned parties ... useless and boring.
The news comes from New York and is called the "Blackout Dinner." We of Humor Chic were there and we experienced it exclusively for you!
Yesterday evening an endless cascade of lights welcomed us to the wonderful dinner hosted by that incredible man who is Peter Davis, editor in chief of Avenue and editor at large of Paper. It brought New Yorkers together on the terrace of the chic Gramercy Park Hotel, with fabulous drinks to celebrate publication of the July issue of Magazine Avenue and its cover star Byrdie Bell.
A hyper sparkling evening where among the hottest it was impossible not to notice the original ultra-chic Kristian Laliberte, New York editor of Refinery29, the only man capable of swinging between one drink and another without ever showing the least sign of a hangover ... and especially without treading on anyone's toes or giving in to fatigue, so you wonder what’s the secret of his incredible stamina. But during the evening there was an idyllic moment, one that Humor Chic particularly loved and is quite unforgettable. There  was a sudden blackout and more than few bulbs popped, threatening to ruin the whole party!
Screams? yeah... a lot of hollerin’ and incredible fun! Tragedy? Nooo ...!! Annoyance? yeah... Unfortunately. Anyway the light soon came back to general regret. The architect of this unsurpassable blackout? A touch of style, signed Peter Davis!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Humor Chic - Giambattista Valli and Sidney Toledano. Will Giambattista Valli go to Dior?

Humor Chic - Rebekah Brooks. Illegal interception

Rebekah Brooks arrested

The British police yesterday arrested Rebekah Brooks, the former head of Mr Rupert Murdoch's media operations in Britain, according to a former associate at News International, the newspaper group at the heart of a phone hacking scandal.
Brooks, who quit as chief executive of News International on Friday, is being questioned on suspicion of conspiring to intercept communications - phone hacking - and on suspicion of corruption, which relates to bribing police for information.
She was editor of the now-defunct News of the World from 2000 to 2003, when some of the phone hacking took place. She has denied knowledge of it - a claim greeted with scepticism by many who worked there... read here

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Humor Chic Exclusive - Inspiration or plagiarism? Daphne Guinness draws on illustrated works by aleXsandro Palombo and Tom Ford follows after like a good gravedigger

aleXsandro Palombo, Daphne Guinness and Tom Ford are in the Chinese press. Why?

This morning some Chinese media outlets, including the "Nanking Oriental Guardian," a paper with a circulation of 400,000, devoted ample space to the performance of Daphne Guinness at a private party hosted by Jay Jopling, to celebrate the collaboration between Daphne and a jewelry designer. The model wore an 18-carat diamond-encrusted hand-crafted glove and presented him with a performance where she simulated a corpse (not that it was necessary), welcoming the public swathed in a lace veil, suspended on a Perspex box. Tom Ford also took part in the performance, approaching to give her a kiss, as if wanting to awaken her from endless slumber ... but like a good grave-digger he couldn’t do it!
The performance struck more than some, not by its originality but because it recalled the more insightful "Karl Lagerfeld, Vision of a funeral", a work produced in 2010 by aleXsandro Palombo.
This was pointed out by the clever and talented reporter on the Chinese paper The Nanking Oriental Guardian. She saw fit to do what a lot of people don’t, namely set things to rights.

"I remember the last time I saw the funeral of Karl Lagerfeld. What? In fact it was a fake, but when it comes true, in reality we will weep real tears. Who will kiss his old face? Who will carry the coffin to accompany him on his last journey? All this is in the illustrated novel by aleXsandro Palombo, who with his irreverent illustrations gave us a preview of the funeral. Do you remember Karl Lagerfeld’s mock funeral? You should, because if you remember it was the illustrator aleXsandro Palombo in his new graphic novel 'Karl Lagerfeld, Vision of a Funeral' who for the occasion organized every detail of the event. And now Daphne Guinness has identified with the amusing part ...."

And we at Humor Chic are happy for her, but next time, dear Daphne, learn to acknowledge your source ... please!

And are you aware of it?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Humor Chic Exclusive - Bernard Arnault: Giambattista Valli appointed creative director of Dior... rumors!

Bernard Arnault wants Giambattista Valli at Dior.
Luxury and style, glamour and tradition, creativity and innovation. Ladies and gentlemen, you’re not at the fish market but at Dior.
Galliano certainly made Dior great by ferrying it into an apocalyptic and fantastic future, into an orgy of visions, provocations and vibrations that he alone was capable of developing and which represent the new codes of Dior to date. But it’s no longer possible to follow the trail blazed by John Galliano. It would be like trying to finish a painting begun by Miró. No one would be up to the job. Dior’s management is well aware of this and so is Bernard Arnault, who is now having to cope with one of the most difficult dilemmas in his life, more difficult than a takeover, more difficult than a listing, because Dior does not belong to fashion, much less to the circus of frivolities. Dior is to France as the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. Dior is culture. Arnault is intelligent and knows this and so does the smart Sidney Toledano, who finally after months of research seems to have found the key to the new trend after Galliano, focusing their attention on a worthy successor who will ensure a bright future for the house of Dior. The man in question is Giambattista Valli, sublime and sophisticated Italian creator, of Roman origin but Parisian by adoption with a rich past in haute couture, from the court of Capucci to that of Ungaro.
A great talent ready to wear the crown and secure a worthy future ... in the name of Dior

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Humor Chic - Anna Wintour, Bernard Arnault and the Witch. Who will replace John Galliano at Dior?

Humor Chic – Kenzo: where are the portfolios?

On January 25, 2011 Humor Chic expressed its point of view about the Maison Kenzo (LVMH Group). We made a direct and informal request to Mr. Bernard Arnault! ... You don’t remember? You are so forgetful, just read here!Well, the request was accepted! Finally the Maison Kenzo has given a big kick in the ass to its old creative director and appointed two new ones, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, talented creators of the Opening Ceremony concept in New York. Finally after years of trash, creative garbage, smelly archives and ideas touched up here and there, but mostly from other designers’ portfolios .... And here for those who don’t yet have clear ideas, but I repeat in others’ PORTFOLIOS ... Perhaps now the Maison Kenzo will find the lost  light. We’re sure they will. Thanks Bernard!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Humor Chic - Azzedine Alaia. The Cut

Anna Wintour Banned Entire Vogue Staff From Alaia Couture Show

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Humor Chic - Karl Lagerfeld and Azzedine Alaia. Raining Alaia!

Azzedine Alaïa Back to Runway After Eight Years 
It was a triumphant return... Hooray for Azzedine!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Social Campaign - Légion d'Honneur to Anna Wintour

"Légion d'Honneur to Anna Wintour"
Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld and Nicolas Sarkozy

Humor Chic - Valentino, beyond the grave

But when will they find a worthy creative director to restore the fortunes of this fashion house (Valentino Garavani), which now sends garments and designs on to the catwalk that seem to reflect the taste of dreary provincial dressmakers. A chaos of styles and concepts stolen here and there. Please take the piss out of someone else or try and do better ... get someone else to give impetus to the maison. A suggestion? Giambattista Valli: taste, elegance and talent... but do it now before that old fox Bernard Arnault notices! Even Dior is gasping and waiting!

Humor Chic - Jean Paul Gaultier. More than one foot in the grave.

What’s the point of haute couture when the creations shown on the runway are visionary creations without style or luxury, a freakish collection devoid of taste and stolen by handfuls from the archives of the 1980s. What’s the point? None at all, and this was one of the main reasons why a few months ago the Hermes luxury group got rid of the Jean Paul Gaultier brand  by selling it for a sum equivalent to 30million euros to the Catalan group Puig, the perfume colossus.
After all, if Gaultier has not yet ended up completely in the ditch it’s only because it still sells some perfumes. For the rest it’s a brand that no longer has any presence in terms of clothing ... hence in fashion. But then, does it still make sense to keep these old dinosaurs alive, utterly out of touch with the world, with no ideas and no vision? Isn’t it better to let them sink into the grave and make way for the new?
We really need it, the smell of old now makes us really feel sick ...

Wednesday, July 06, 2011