Friday, January 28, 2011

Humor Chic - Oscar de la Renta VS Michelle Obama, Spanking!

At a recent state dinner for Chinese president Hu Jintao, First Lady Michelle Obama wore a dress by Alexander McQueen.

Oscar De la Renta said, "My understanding is that the visit was to promote American-Chinese trade." "Why do you wear European clothes?".
"I'm not talking about my clothes, my business. I'm old, and I don't need it. But there are a lot of young people, very talented people here who do."
"I don't object to the fact that Mrs. Obama is wearing J. Crew because the diversity of America is what makes this country great. But there are a lot of great designers out there. I think it's wrong to go in one direction only."
Hum!!! Michelle gets a good spanking!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Humor Chic - Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel Haute Culture

Humor Chic Exclusive - The return of Carine Roitfeld

In an interview with the French paper Le Journal du Dimanche, Xavier Romanet, Chairman of Condé Nast, France, said that his group is working hard to launch the French version of Vanity Fair.

“A special team is working on this important and ambitious project, which we plan to launch in 2012,” declared Xavier Romanet.

A tough challenge for Condé Nast Publishing France, if you think of the difficulties facing the press with the economic crisis and the advent of Internet with its digital revolution. It is precisely for this reason that the group is striving to create a magazine, editorially and commercially, with a circulation much higher than anything else in its stable, a high glamour Vanity Fair with a popular impact, covering major events and offering exclusive interviews, culture, current events, fashions and entertainment, all blended in unusual and innovative ways.

When asked who is going to be the editor, Xavier Romanet replied only with a grin, but the rumor in the editorial offices point to Madame Carine Roitfeld. Is it true? After all, in these dark and boring days only a talent with creative verve, intelligent and provocative, can kindle popular interest and turn the standard kind of traditional magazine into a success.

Bon appetit!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Humor Chic Exclusive - Monsieur Bernard Arnault. When waste is organic

Kenzo? A great failure ...

A few days back came the announcement of the appointment of a new CEO to run Kenzo, the fashion house owned by the LVMH Group, which for years has continued relentlessly to be a brand without profits, a terrible thorn in the side of stubborn Monsieur Bernard Arnault, a lover of challenges and LVMH’s owner.
In fact ever since Kenzo Takada, Kenzo’s founder and designer, left the firm, the brand has never managed to take off. Recently Monsieur Arnault was almost ready to chuck in the towel and sell off the maison. But then he changed his mind and decided to continue with a new manager and further injections of capital.
So why has it never been able to make a profit, despite the huge sums of money flowing into its coffers? Despite a complex redesign of all the boutiques? Despite spending millions on marketing and advertising campaigns? Despite organizing mega fashion shows? Despite changing Manager after Manager? ... Why?
Simple ... because they never hired a Dries Van Noten!

Now the creative director has the worst stylist they could ever take a gamble on. But the best at copying ideas, garments and concepts from others and then presenting them in the worst possible way. The best at opening the archives and not knowing what to look for. The best at picking up all the clothes at flea markets and then dismantling and reassembling them in different materials and putting them back on the market. The best at doing fashion shows that are pseudo-performances with nothing to do with fashion, and instead of producing a vision of style offers a collection of theater costumes for deadbeats. The best to make you breathe dust, obsolete. In a word old ... nothing.

Fashion no longer needs this kind of bluffing, Monsieuur Arnault. Time’s up. Fashion needs creatives and creativity, the real McCoy.

Dear Bernard, don’t be stubborn and keep changing managers all the time because the situation will never get better. Start looking for a new and talented stylist and I assure you that Mr. Profit will definitely return!
Au revoir!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Humor Chic News - Juegos de mayores

Un reportaje en la 'Vogue' francesa reabre el debate sobre el uso de niños en la moda y la publicidad

La controversia ha llegado incluso a Boing Boing, uno de los sitios más populares de internet, donde no han dudado en opinar que las fotos presentan a las niñas «más o menos como putas». Es una forma, cruda e inequívoca, de decirlo. Otra es la del diseñador Alexsandro Palombo, que ha reproducido en su blog las páginas del reportaje con una leyenda superpuesta, 'El regalo perfecto para pedófilos', e incluso añade posibles eslóganes para comercializarlo: «¿Le gustaría ver a niñas pequeñas guiñando el ojo, maquilladas y arregladas como si fueran busconas esperando clientes? ¿O quizá las prefiere con profundos escotes, mostrando los muslos y tambaleándose sobre tacones de 30 centímetros? ¿O quizá le resulta más excitante colocarlas en situaciones que sugieran juegos sáficos?».

Source: click here

Humor Chic - Carine Roitfeld and Tom Ford, VOGUE PARIS Pedophilia Chic

Carine Roitfeld special Vogue Paris child abuse, The Perfect Gift for Pedophiles

Monday, January 17, 2011

Humor Chic - Karl Lagerfeld, Fuck Twitter


Humor Chic - Anna Wintour, Fuck Twitter


Humor Chic Exclusive - Vogue Spain VS Vogue Paris

Following aleXsandro Palombo’s lead, Yolanda Sacristán, editor of Vogue Spain attacks Vogue Paris

The Spanish national newspaper LaVanguardia today featured a major article on the controversial article in Vogue Paris.
"According LaVanguardia, opinions are divided on the Vogue article. For some it was no more than a prank, an exercise in photography, while others, like the celebrated illustrator Alexsandro Palombo, see it as “a great gift to pedophiles”.
An attack that has been interpreted as an act of courage against a magazine knowledged worldwide as the fashion bible, hitting the editors. Investors have withdrawn their advertising and readers have cancelled subscriptions. When the editor of Vogue Spain, Yolanda Sacristán, was asked about the editorial and her opinion on the question, she replied: "Only Vogue Paris knows the reasons why they decided to publish this article. It’s a delicate moment because the editor resigned a few days ago. Quite definitely I would never publish material of that kind in Vogue Spain".

LaVanguardia, click here

Humor Chic News - Polémica en Francia por un reportaje con niñas de siete años vestidas y maquilladas sensualmente

Revistas de prestigio como 'Vogue París' utilizan cada vez más a menores de edad en sus fotografías

Las opiniones están divididas. Lo mismo que para algunos no pasa de ser un juego, un impresionante ejercicio fotográfico, para otros, como el reconocido ilustrador Alexsandro Palombo, es "un regalo ideal para los paidófilos".

El ataque se ha interpretado como un gesto de valentía contra una revista reconocida mundialmente como la biblia de la moda y ha afectado a directivos, inversores que han retirado la publicidad y lectores. También es cierto que en la edición española este reportaje no se ha editado.

Consultada la directora de Vogue España, Yolanda Sacristán, por los criterios editoriales y su opinión sobre este tipo de reportajes, consideró que "las razones por las que Vogue Paris decidió publicar este reportaje sólo las saben ellos. Es un momento delicado porque su directora dejó la compañía hace pocos días. Lo que sí es cierto es que yo no publicaría en Vogue España un material de este tipo".


Friday, January 14, 2011

Humor Chic News - Valentino Garavani investigated for tax evasion, I Love Tax Evasion

That Italy is the home of thieves and fraudsters is now an accepted fact. Less well known are the names of the people who became wealthy on the backs of honest citizens who have always had to pay for them. Last spring, the Italian Guardia di Finanza came into possession of the Falciani List, a long list of alleged tax evaders stolen by Hervé Falciani, a former employee of the HSBC bank in Geneva (Switzerland). The list, which reached Italy on May 19, 2010, could yield a lot of surprises. In recent days the names of some the first suspects in the investigation were made public, but there appear to be over 800 people under investigation by the state attorney in Rome, a hot list of individuals who illegally exported capital to Switzerland. The list of names is long, and among many celebrities there it includes the name of the famous fashion designer Valentino Garavani, who meanwhile can continue to enjoy his beautiful and luxurious winter residence in Gstaad ... but with what funds?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Humor Chic Rumors - Valentino, a Super Copycat!

I Love Copycats

The rumors are that old Valentino Garavani profoundly regrets attending the last fashion show by his former Maison and giving his support (though few think he was sincere) with fulsome public compliments for the work done by his two pupils, who for some years now have been running the fashion house’s styling department in a terrifying way. The show was a bridge too far, which has seriously affected the credibility of the retired couturier. He vented his uneasiness to a dear friend during an evening with friends in the Chalet Gifferhorn, the designer’s winter home in Gstaad, Switzerland.
In fact it seems he agreed to attend the show very unwillingly and only because of the insistent pressure of Giancarlo Giammetti (a former companion and a business partner for over fifty years).
He consented only to do him a favor and to try to limit the damage. In fact some time earlier the charming Giancarlo, while playing with his new toy "Twitter," wrote that the new Valentino collection (styled by their pupils) was a circus of bad taste from which he wanted to distance himself, statements that soon flew around the web putting their credibility in a bad light and tarnishing the image of Valentino himself, because guided by a pair of stylists that they themselves had strongly supported and endorsed, after a media campaign had muddied their names, with the intent of ousting the former creative director Alessandra Facchinetti, guilty only of being a free creative spirit and too uncompromising for old Valentino (who only loves slaves).
The result? Today Valentino is a Maison increasingly headed by a provincial management duo who produce collections that are nothing but a copy & paste of everything that appears on the catwalks of others, a Maison that is crumbling and has quickly become the new symbol of cheapness and copycats, without taste or identity. And to make matters worse the Maison Valentino has gone further, creating a terrible co-branding with GAP, the American casual wear chain, an operation so awful, so utterly abysmal, that it could awaken from her eternal sleep even the late style icon Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.
What can we add? Unfortunately when people feel they are all-powerful (and no one ever is) or even worse are Emperors (here we have the most utter dementia) they become convinced they can lay down the law even at the cost of supporting the worst, like copycats (a species we just can’t abide here at Humor Chic).
At this point it’s not just a question of being complicit ... but also of becoming a fully paid-up member of the club.
So welcome to the new adventures of Granpa Valentino, the new Super Copycat!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Humor Chic Social Campaign - Carine Roitfeld's Vogue Paris, NO CHILD ABUSE

Carine Roitfeld special Vogue Paris child abuse

Humor Chic News - Niñas que juegan en el mundo de la seducción

La última edición de la revista Vogue París Cadeaux ha levantado un gran revuelo por un reportaje en el que menores de ocho años juegan a interpretar el papel de seductoras

Son menores de ocho años. Niñas que se pintan, se ponen tacones, visten con trajes de alta costura, joyas de los mejores diseñadores y además se hacen sofisticados peinados.
Así es como aparecen las nuevas lolitas Thylane, Lea y Prune en el último reportaje de la revista Vogue París Cadeaux para diciembre-enero.
En las polémicas fotos se puede ver a las chicas jugando a ser actrices y modelos rodeadas de un mundo de lujo y glamour.
Algunos aseguran que se trata de una estrategia más por aumentar las ventas en tiempos de crisis y otros más duros, como el ilustrador Alexsandro Palombo, afirma que este «es el regalo ideal para los pedófilos».
Tú qué opinas?

Source: ABC

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Humor Chic News - EL Universal, Escandalizan niñas Vogue en París‎

Escandalizan niñas Vogue en París‎

La edición de diciembre-enero, editada por Carine Roitfeld y el diseñador Tom Ford, de la revista Vogue París ha generado una gran polémica, gracias a un editorial en particular donde aparecen niñas vestidas como adultas.

Las imágenes han dado la vuelta al mundo, generando opiniones dividas. Algunas, como la del reconocido ilustrador Alexsandro Palombo, señalan que “es el regalo ideal para los pedófilos”

Source: El Universal

Friday, January 07, 2011

Humor Chic - Emmanuelle Alt, Adieu Carine

Emmanuelle Alt Named French Vogue's New Editor-In-Chief‎...
Adieu Carine!!