Thursday, September 15, 2011

Humor Chic - John Galliano, how great to be a fully licenced racist

6.000 Euros! And you have authorization to be a filthy racist.

6.000 Euros, this is the sum that John Galliano former Dior, will have to pay for declaring anti Semitic abuse, according to the Paris courthouse.
Fantastic isn't it? This is a great opportunity not to be missed, just think, with just 6000 Euros anyone can have entry into the Olympus of authorized Racism, be free to say "I can smell a negro", "you are a fucking slave", "I like Jews only well done in the oven", and lots more.
What the fuck, this is a great relief for all those who are constantly biting their tongue, ouch... and come on guys, let's be honest, at least now this privilege will no longer be exclusive to those old racist editors in chief who are causing fashion's demise... ouch, ouch! And ouch again!

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