Thursday, August 18, 2011

Humor Chic - Coco Chanel, the scent of swastika

An antisemite  fashionista
Coco Chanel like Cartier, Jean Cocteau or Edith Piaf? Just like her well known friends Coco was a rich and bored Nazi sympathizer, an antisemite fashionista so to speak. Coco was well aware of the power of charm, that  mix of seduction, grace, mystery and elegance which allowed her to rise to success, from being a song performer in seedy cafés, to fashion goddess thanks to the support of wealthy lovers. A high class escort, many eminent lovers, such as the Duke of Westminster whose marriage offer she declined saying "There have been several Ducchesses of  Westminster but there is only one Coco Chanel” (tantamount to saying "I am the best whore there is"). Anyway, though she did not marry him she did take on his surname, a rather inexplicable fact on which light has now been shed in the new biography entitled "Sleeping with the enemy, Coco Chanel’s secret war",  by the brilliant and scrupolous journalist Val Haughan. The author discloses important details about Coco's life, revealing that during World War II she accepted to become e Nazi spy in order to help her nephew André, who was held prisoner in a German camp. Coco's antisemitism has however never been a secret. As a spy, Coco was recluted by the Abwehr, Germany's secret service, becoming agent F-7124, with the code name “Westminster”, just like her old friend and lover the Duke.
In those years there was nothing the ambitious Coco would go without, and her list of lovers went so far as to include Hans Gunther von Dincklage, a German military intelligence officer know as  “Spatz," who received important decorations from Goebbels and Hitler himself.
Thanks to Spatz, Coco was given an apartment at the Ritz in Paris, which at the time had been taken over by the Nazis who had made it the Headquarters of their higher ranking officers. It was during this period that Chanel tried to exclude the Wertheimers, her Jewish partners, from ownership of Chanel n.5. The attempt however failed because, before seeking asylum in the United States, the Wertheimers had "nominally" turned ownership to the Frenchman Felix Amiot.
And thank God her plan failed!
Take care my chicest, when you go shopping make sure you use your five senses to the best: sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell... and if mother nature has not been generous with you at least make the most of the ones you have, because antisemitism and racism are not just words, but also an awful and monstrous fashion trend.... 
Au revoir chicest


Brian Foley said...

Lets not forget Jewish Hollywoods racism towards Black, Hispanic and Native Americans, before we start passing judgement.

Bruna said...

Yikes, this is awful. I was reading a Brazilian blog this afternoon (and reading the comments as well),and someone metioned about her being an anti-Semite. SAD! Def sharing this!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry, but Edith Piaf, wasn't anti-Semitic, in fact she helped many Jews escape during his stay in Berlin, and musically, rejected it because it used irony to mock the nazi movement.

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