Monday, January 17, 2011

Humor Chic Exclusive - Vogue Spain VS Vogue Paris

Following aleXsandro Palombo’s lead, Yolanda Sacristán, editor of Vogue Spain attacks Vogue Paris

The Spanish national newspaper LaVanguardia today featured a major article on the controversial article in Vogue Paris.
"According LaVanguardia, opinions are divided on the Vogue article. For some it was no more than a prank, an exercise in photography, while others, like the celebrated illustrator Alexsandro Palombo, see it as “a great gift to pedophiles”.
An attack that has been interpreted as an act of courage against a magazine knowledged worldwide as the fashion bible, hitting the editors. Investors have withdrawn their advertising and readers have cancelled subscriptions. When the editor of Vogue Spain, Yolanda Sacristán, was asked about the editorial and her opinion on the question, she replied: "Only Vogue Paris knows the reasons why they decided to publish this article. It’s a delicate moment because the editor resigned a few days ago. Quite definitely I would never publish material of that kind in Vogue Spain".

LaVanguardia, click here

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