Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Humor Chic Exclusive - The return of Carine Roitfeld

In an interview with the French paper Le Journal du Dimanche, Xavier Romanet, Chairman of Condé Nast, France, said that his group is working hard to launch the French version of Vanity Fair.

“A special team is working on this important and ambitious project, which we plan to launch in 2012,” declared Xavier Romanet.

A tough challenge for Condé Nast Publishing France, if you think of the difficulties facing the press with the economic crisis and the advent of Internet with its digital revolution. It is precisely for this reason that the group is striving to create a magazine, editorially and commercially, with a circulation much higher than anything else in its stable, a high glamour Vanity Fair with a popular impact, covering major events and offering exclusive interviews, culture, current events, fashions and entertainment, all blended in unusual and innovative ways.

When asked who is going to be the editor, Xavier Romanet replied only with a grin, but the rumor in the editorial offices point to Madame Carine Roitfeld. Is it true? After all, in these dark and boring days only a talent with creative verve, intelligent and provocative, can kindle popular interest and turn the standard kind of traditional magazine into a success.

Bon appetit!

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