Friday, February 26, 2010

Humor Chic super scoop at Fendi - Karl Wintour and Anna Lagerfeld, fashion confusion!

Anna Wintour has arrived for Milan fashion week, punctual as always and one day before the just three days falsely reported in the press. At Fendi we saw a collection in classical mood, tailored and retro (in short dusty old stuff). But in clothing it’s well known Fendi is always a terrible concert of discords. With accessories they’re more focused, or perhaps they just got lucky with their famous baguettes! But the true major novelty from the fashion house, "is a big comeback by real fur, worn at ease without feeling ashamed!"...Wowwww! Aren’t you happy? Start by slaughtering your family pet and then wear it unashamedly....It’s awesome, how smart this fashion is. But who’s their PR? Anyway, here’s a real scoop. According to the enlightened Italian press sweet Anna has become the new Creative Director at Maison Fendi! What? you’ll be asking. Because backstage sweet Anna was bombarded with questions while by her side poor Karl Lagerfeld suffered in silence at being ignored... Ungrateful wretches, you should be more understanding about the great talent of Granpa Karl!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Humor Chic war bulletin - Anna Wintour, the US army is on its way

We are well into Milan fashion week and the designer brands anxiously await the landing of the great American stylists who will hopefully uplift the fate of this disastrous Fashion Week. Tha war has gotten very tough, creative loots take place daily and the fashion houses are reduced to skin and bones. And as if that weren't enough those awful Prosecutors of the Milan court seem to be carrying on with their thorough investigations against the Italian fashion system. Hurry dearest Anna, everyone wants you seated in the front row because they are certain only you can free the good forces from the onset of the of the detrimental and dying Italian fashion system! Well, let's let them believe what they want...!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Humor Chic for Africa - Barack Obama, "The future is in your hands"

On July 9th 2009 the G8 reached an Agreement concerning aid to Africa, «20 billion dollars to combat famine». The Group of Eight thus decided to take immediate action in order to curb the impact of the crisis on the progress made to reach Africa's millenium development goals. Following the G8 President Barack Obama set off with Michelle and their daughters for his first seminal visit to the African continent, specifically to Ghana. "Africa is not alone", "The world is what you make it, you can do it", President Barack Obama declared in Ghana, a country which after a long military regime is now a presidential republic and and "exemplary democracy" for all African states. Just before the end of his 24 hours in Ghana the President declared "The future is in your hands".
And that seems perfectly clear to us!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Humor Chic preview - Milan fashion week: a warm welcome to the tax inspector

Humor Chic had already anticipated it some time ago and it looks like the true trend you will see at the upcoming catwalk shows will be just one, that sported by Mrs Tax Police!
Now among the spicy tidbits we have for you is the fact that on February 19th the tax police seized documents at the headquarters of Centrobanca (you will find the background history on our site) as part of the inquiry into charges of rigging the market at the Mariella Burani Fashion Group. In 2008 Centrobanca launched a partial public purchase offer for Mariella Burani Fashion Group, controlled at the time by Mariella Burani Family Holding. Centrobanca financed about half the operation. The Prosecutors of the Milan court who are carrying out the enquiry are conducting a 360 degree investigation which also involves the head of Centrobanca.
However beware, Mrs Tax Police's luxury shopping list also seems to include many other illustrious Italian fashion houses, also accused of tax evasion and rigging.
At this point, a question comes natural...Could it be that Mrs Tax Police is working at full rhythm to establish a new luxury conglomerate?!!! Mrs Tax Police is so chic...

Monday, February 22, 2010

Humor Chic social campaign - Rachel Zoe and Perez Hilton in love against anorexia

From New York passing through London as well as Madrid, Milan, Paris and Berlin, the common cry in the world of fashion seems to be "Stop anorexia!". According to studies, girls suffering from this terrible illness is increasing rapidly and the main cause seems to be the bad example given by the world of fashion and the entire image industry. If we take a look around the problem doesn't just concern models on the catwalks, all skin and bones; but also a great part of industry operators such as journalists, stylists and celebrities who usualy crowd the front rows at shows. We hope that, at least in this case, they won't come and tell us that it is due to the crisis because we will send them directly to see a good neurologist! In this sea of poor cuisine Humor Chic admired the gesture of the adorable Perez Hilton for his great show of love and humaneness in helping the increasingly thin sytlist Rachel Zoe whose relationship with food seems to have increasingly worsened...well done dear Perek, we are certain she will get her appetite back!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Humor Chic cover - Ariel Foxman, a very very personal style not to miss out om

The economic downturn has caused the closure of many fashion magazines and continues to hit others which are losing out on advertisng and readership. There has been a lot of complaining and throwing stones at Mrs Crisis, yet I believe the truth is very different. Too many magazines with no rhyme nor reason lacking in appeal are simply containers for advertising. Further, the past years were marked by an easy and prosperous richness which led a lot of editorial offices to open the doors to nepotism and a certian degree of favouritism to a load of literally useless professionals with no creativity at all. Take a look around and you will see many editors with absolutely no style, knowledge nor creativity...but only bad copies. So wouldn't it be better if they took up a job more useful to society? The success of a fashion magazine depends on a genuine and stylish editorial vision, a great passion, good reasoning skills and a strong identity. Do you really think readers are a pack of brainless survivors? You are wrong. We advise all magazines which have lost their path to follow the example of those editors with a truly personal style, such as the very talented Ariel Foxman, editor at large of the superlative InStyle Magazine...because you can never do without true style.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Humor Chic New York Fashion Week - Carolina Herrera, Nicole Phelps and Jamie Pallot, a domestic family front row

At New York fashion week there is always one very pleasant and special show which contains that allure that represents the typical identity of old American chic and elegance. Here we are, guests of the delightful Carolina Herrera, prophet of the cocktail dress - here you can even breathe it in the air - and where certain new naif prints draw you into a tornado of sweetness and color. Carolina is like a beautiful movie in black and white. She appeals to those who have cultural erudition and definitely turns off those who have no proper understanding of dress and a strong backbone. She certainly is a craze for the many fashion insiders who flock to her shows to rediscover and breathe that typically family air. And those who always complain that this kind of work does not give you the opportunity to finish certain domestic chores can takes advantage of the opportunity here...Looking at the impeccable Nicole Phelps, Executive Editor of, or the jovial Jamie Pallot, Editorial Director at Condé Nast Digital, we can finally observe an interesting domestic family front row!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Humor Chic New York Fashion Week - Marc Jacobs, a beautiful witch hunt

The cold weather and restless souls have taken over New York fashion week which is nearing its closing day. Diane Von Furstemberg's collection was not very convincing and seems to have lost that characteristic magical and exotic touch, sporting a series of incomplete outfits and tasteless prints lacking in originality...the very elegant designer is in dire need of a new hand (let's hope for the best). Particularly impressive was the work of the creative and adorable Marc Jacobs who played on a series of powdery sugary nuances and new and (superlative) interesting grunge bohemien lines...and to top it all a flurry of fur mixed and customized for all those who want to set off on a fantastic and perfect witch hunt...and who will be sure to find them in the fashion system's front rows.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Humor Chic scandal - While Mario Boselli attacks Anna Wintour, the authoritative business paper Il Sole 24 Ore attacks Mario Boselli

The authoritative business paper Il Sole 24 Ore attacks Mario Boselli and lays bare the serious bankruptcy of the Burani group.

Why go into attack mode and raise a useless brouhaha just because Anna Wintour decided to come to Milan for no more than three days? Was it really a smokescreen intended to cover up some really serious news?

Read what the authoritative journal Il Sole 24 Ore said on 10 February 2010.
(Note – the news was censored by the whole Italian fashion press. Now why do you suppose they did that?!!!).

"Mario Boselli and the takeover of Burani.
The 45 million euros Centrobanca lent Burani for a public purchase offer of 2008 for the listed Mariella Burani Group risk becoming a real headache for the UBI Group’s merchant bank. The fate of the family business in Reggio hangs by a thread and that loan risks appearing this year among its unpaid debts. With hindsight (but perhaps it could have been seen coming) the credit line looks excessive. The takeover offer lacked any proper economic logic. The shares could have been bought on the market at a lower price. The operation coincided with a correction of the fashion group’s statements of earnings, which showed industrial margins were lower than those being declared not long before and Burani drew on financing for the occasion from a mysterious investment vehicle in the Cayman Islands. The result was that Centrobanca asked for all the family’s shares in the firm to be pledged as collateral. On the market it is being pointed out that the president of Centrobanca was (and is) Mario Boselli, who is also the President of the Italian Fashion Chamber. Did his role have any influence on a decision that today appears at the very least improvident?"

Note - Walter Burani is the chairman of Mariella Burani Fashion Group and also deputy Chairman of the Italian Fashion Chamber.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Humor Chic New York Fashion Week animal tendency - André Leon Talley, Wear it Before it Eats You!

On the opening days of the New York shows the main trends are already beginning to emerge. Prominent among them is the big comeback of fur as the forthcoming protagonist. It appeared on the catwalks of stylists Peter Som, Prabal Gurung and Alexander Wang and was welcomed with a certain interest by buyers like Bloomingdale’s fashion director Stephanie Solomon, who declared that people buy furs in autumn as a way of keeping warm. At this point Humor Chic thought it would be interesting to meet the delightful André Leon Talley editor-at-large for American Vogue magazine. André has always had a deep passion for everything savage and desirable, from super chic accessories in crocodile to luxurious coats of splendid mink, chinchilla, and all other fishy, fleshy or furry creatures. So how can he manage to achieve a such a high quality/high value look? By nurturing a deep, abiding love...for all things animal!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Goodbye dear Alexander

“Why people ignore the ugly things in life but within this they are missing the beauty that lies under the rotten fruit!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Lee Alexander McQueen, 16 March 1969 – 11 February 2010

The fashion system's great failure

The life of a great artist is like a long anguish, a suffering that sees no end. Only an authentic, pure and fervid imagination will always have the courage to challenge the sea of banality and lead us towards the truth. Dear Alexander, you were right this time as well and with this last and ultimate shock you managed to silence everybody and put the focus on the misery and infamy of daily life, crushed by fiction and devoid of any humanity.
When the world is deprived of a man of such great is clear we have all failed.

I embrace you with affection, my dear Alexander.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Humor Chic New York fashion week - Kelly Cutrone and Diane von Furstenberg, an A1 health certificate

Today is the start of New York fashion week, amid unusual snowballs and an overwhelming desire to make a comeback. As happens every year, the sacred ritual of the check-up, the health check that all stylists have to go through to obtain the highly coveted certificate of A1 state of health. And among many we encountered the sensuous stylist Diane von Furstenberg. This year, because of the terrible crisis, the medical examinations were a bit longer and particularly meticulous. We at Humor Chic, who have always supported and cared for New York Fashion Week, encountered exclusively for you the incomparable and adorable super PR Kelly Cutrone, who as always conducted a series of truly excellent check-ups and soothed our fears by showing us all the certificates of A1 health. This is wonderful news which we would like to extend to the whole series of ailing stylists, whom we earnestly advise to apply to Dr. Cutrone, truly a specialist in the field. Let the show begin!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Humor Chic communication - Harper's Bazaar Turkey "101 Things To Buy Before You Die" illustrated by aleXsandro Palombo

"101 Things To Buy Before You Die" is the wonderful book supplement with the February issue of Harper's Bazaar Turkey, the cover of which, as well as a series of exclusive illustrations, have been created by aleXsandro Palombo. Our delightful "bazaarlettes" went out of their way to select and suggest all the best luxury items to ensure we know eactly what to do should the end suddenly appear near...a truly beautiful and original thought! Have fun...

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Humor Chic on the Valentino disaster - Valentino and Giancarlo Giammetti, frantic despair

"We have always supported the new designers and we love them, but this time we have to distance ourselves from this ridiculous circus.” This is the opinion Giancarlo Giammetti, Valentino Garavani’s longtime business partner, posted on his Facebook page. His icy statement on the new Valentino collection triggered heated discussion. But it’s a pity he removed it shortly after from the site because, he claimed, the question was becoming too troubled (certainly for dear Valentino). Troubled? No, but sincere and out of control yes. The only trouble is this hideous and unforgettable collection copied badly here and there without shame, and even worse than the one staged by Lindsay Lohan for Ungaro. By the way, we were forgetting, but in the documentary “Valentino: The Last Emperor", Signor Giammetti declares great creative figures like Valentino are not to be found on every street corner (No!) and certainly they don’t come from places like the Saint Martin School... He was certainly right. Now it’s clear where they are found and where they come from! It had eluded us...thanks Mr Giancarlo!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Humor Chic NY fashion week preview - Fashion editors, pre-show psycho-physical workouts

Humor Chic exclusively followed 5 outstanding fashion editors, who have revealed their secrets for psycho-physical workouts just a few days from the start of the eagerly anticipated NY fashion week.

1- dear Suzy TANK Menkes, fashion editor at the International Herald Tribune, regenerated herself with a lovely weekend at the seaside.

2- the delightful Brandusa Niro, editor-in-chief and founder of IMG publications’ Daily Front Row, Fashion Week Daily and Fashion Mini, indulged in intense moments of chic cyclette.

3- energetic Grace Coddington, creative director for U. S. Vogue, adores doing some healthy jogging at Bryan Park in the company of her beloved cats.

4- sweet Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of American Vogue, prepared herself with shiatsu massages by her personal coach Andrè Leon Talley.

5- adorable Glenda Bailey, editor-in-chief at Harper’s Bazaar, never forgoes a healthy Cartier marathon.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Humor Chic NY fashion week preview - Kenya Hunt, a splendid Metro-politan jam

Countdown to the New York Fashion week, which is preparing for a rather unusual edition, given the stubborn economic crisis which seems never-ending and has spared none. Vogue’s delightful publisher, Susan Plagemann, has asked senior staffers to start taking the subway instead of Town Cars, a tough measure to cope with the crisis and save money. A highly traumatic decision for our dear friends at Vogue, who will have to find their way round the subway. But we adore them and want to provide a crumb of comfort. They will find an excellent ambiance, very cool, and they’ll be sure to get a warm welcome from the subway’s fashion queen, the very smart Kenya Hunt, style editor of the global newspaper Metro, which entertains millions of fashion addicts every day. Just one piece of advice: be careful in your choice of exit from the subway, you could find it blocked by unusual Metro-politan fashion jams!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Humor Chic - Via Montenapoleone, an original look

It's always a great pleasure to stroll through Via Montenapoleone, the epitome of luxury shopping, where fashion and creativity reign supreme, and the ladies of the Milan bourgeoisie get at each other's throat in order to snatch the latest object of desire and flaunt it in all its originality....and uniqueness. It really is a beautiful Street because you get to touch first hand that sense of conviviality where everyone knows each other, recognizing themselves in those they meet...what a beautiful street Via Montenapoleone is!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Humor Chic - Vuitton Hotel: Tony Blair, fighting his way up

It seems former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is to be named personal adviser to Bernard Arnault, President of the LVMH Group. And just the other day in the press and public opinion in Great Britain were shocked at Tony Blair’s testimony before the commission of inquiry into the Iraq war. Asked whether he felt remorse for the many British deaths, he confirmed without a trace of remorse or humility that he would do it all again if need be. Among the many fathers present was 66 year-old John Brown. A former SAS trooper who lost his son Nicholas James killed in Iraq, he stated: "Blair’s the most dangerous man in Britain, he’s a liar and I’d like to kill him." So now how does it stand with LVMH? Do they think that given the crisis the luxury sector will have to go to war to win new markets? Dear Bernard, to get the best results, mind you first make him fight his way up from the bottom!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Humor Chic - Karl Lagerfeld and Vivienne Westwood, compulsive shopping disorder

The uncontrollable urge to shop for superfluous products which often don't correspond to our preferences is a strong sign of what is known as "Compulsive shopping". Apparently the economic downturn has acted as a sort of vaccine against this terrible contagious illness. It seems that the luxury and glamour industry is working on generating a new and vicious Fashion Virus which will once again infect millions of people...we sincerely hope so!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Humor Chic: point of view - Valentino Haute Couture, a stunning collective collection

It was truly moving to see the latest Valentino Haute Couture show. Following the period of confusion caused by the exit of the grand master Valentino Garavani, it finally seems to have again taken flight with an original and intuitive trend... drawing richly on other people’s creative talents. So we had a sequence of a thousand drapes and inserts à la Rodarte, the designer brand of those skilled and charming sisters, Kate and Laura Mulleavy (I won’t hear a word against them!), the patch-space touches of Balenciaga designed by the talented Nicolas Ghesquiere, the attitudes of the models with their invisible looks à la Martin Margiela, the decor, the tricks and certain crazed-androgynous vinyl mises of the early Alexander McQueen (when he was poor), down to the sequences of fluo colours on lines, patterns and prints after the manner of Matthew Williamson. So what can we say? Literally cheap and hideous. However Monsieur Valentino owes you a debt of thanks...but for the invoice apply to the Permira group...For the forthcoming appointments begin to chase the most powerful fashion editor on the job (who is certainly not Suzy Menkes who this time round struck us as not particularly incisive and far too gullible) and perhaps a miracle will happen!