Thursday, April 01, 2010

Humor Chic - Terry Richardson and Anna Wintour, an ice cream shot

Well, as regards the scandal concerning Terry Richardson's alleged sexual abuse of a number of young models which he himself photographed, it seems that numerous other shady facts are coming to the surface. Infact, as well as the true or false allegations which are being brought against him we would like to point out the fact that it seems like in the fashion system there were many people who knew of these little vices of his, including sweet Anna who repeatedly hired him for the lovely advertising magazine Vogue. The point is that in fashion there are too many young and underage models and too many bastards who take advantage of this easy prey. Listen Anna, why don't you start by setting the example and stop using underage models for Vogue's photo shoots and maybe you could even portray yourself on the cover...eating a nice ice cream! Stop butchering underage girls...Thank you.

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