Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Humor chic - Carine Roitfeld and Terry Richardson, no baby models

A PERVFECT cover to say no to baby models.

Thousands of models each year move from one fashion capital to another in search of a dream. Regrettably many are underage, and for the fashion industry it’s well known that all ages are fine as long as they provide fresh and appetising flesh to be sacrificed to the god of money. Unfortunately only a handful of the girls make it big thanks to the few serious professionals who follow them and protect them carefully in their careers. For the rest of the herd it’s the start of a dramatic ordeal made up of illusions, blackmail, exploitation and abuse that lead to depression, anorexia and increasing numbers of suicides. Many of them are underage, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen or sixteen years old. It’s a real form of people trafficking, with many models ending up in the hands of unscrupulous predators, who use them as client bait or even juvenile prostitutes, bargaining chips to satisfy the private perversions and vices of many wealthy professionals in the fashion industry, executives, owners of small businesses and much more… a real seedbed of vice (but don’t say so because it isn’t good for the industry’s image). Certainly it’s not easy to regulate the system, after all it’s not a state. But perhaps to curb this rampant immorality some measures could be taken. First of all it’s important to talk about it more, breaking the conspiracy of silence and clearing away the compromises. And pending a broader approach people can begin by self-regulating their consciences and saying no to this rampant irresponsibility. Sure, I know, you tell me that it's not easy to use the old gray matter and where can we find any nowadays? Some people had it but they burned it up by shooting cocaine and some, alas, never had any! Anyway thanks to our lovely and courageous Carine Roitfeld, editor of Vogue France, we can be more relaxed. She followed in the footsteps of sweet Anna to continue to send a positive message against the trafficking and exploitation of underage models, beautiful and sexy, very adult and very young, earnest and enterprising. Dear Carine what do you say if we start having more fun among us adults and leave all these juvenile fashion models out of it? And then if your dear old Uncle Terry tells you the same thing... hey, we’re practically home and hosed!

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